What’s Brewin’

Now that we have been open a few months, I have finally gotten our keg inventory up. In fact, we need to get a new cooler because our current one is so full there is no room to keg more beer.

With that, I am finally able to start cranking out some beers that are not a part of our standard lineup, as well as filling up the bourbon barrels for aging.

Currently in the fermenters:

Big Papi – Hops the Bunny IPA

Pedro – Catoctin (this will be put in the bourbon barrels when ready)

Tony C – Dutchman’s Creek German Hefe

Pesky – Mosby’s Raider DIPA aged in Bourbon barrels – kegging this week

Ted – Newtown Alt

Yaz – IPL


Aging in the bourbon barrels:

Jeb Stuart Imperial Stout


To be brewed soon:



Mosby’s Raider

John Champe barleywine (to be aged until the winter)

Hamilton Helles (new beer)

Mosby’s Raider DIPA


Blog with a LoCo attitude

So we started a blog. Now you have the pleasure of reading our whitty banter, crazed thoughts, find out what’s brewing, or just info on what the Red Sox are up to.

This is just the first entry, but I intend to get some articles written on how we started, our multiple phases of growth, and plans for the future.

For now, here are the beers we have on tap right now:

  • Commonwealth Kolsch
  • Wheatland
  • Corky’s Irish Red
  • Catoctin Ale
  • P’ville Pale
  • LoCo IPA (once it is kegged tomorrow, that is)
  • Mosby’s Raider DIPA
  • John Champe Barleywine
  • Slainte Stout

What is fermenting in the tanks:

  • Commonwealth Kolsch
  • Dutchman’s Creek German Hefeweizen
  • Berlin Turnpike German Pilsner
  • Jeb Stuart Imperial Stout
  • P’ville Pale

And in four bourbon barrels: Mosby’s Raider DIPA

Upcoming brews:

  • Wheatland
  • IPL
  • Newtown Alt
  • Catoctin Ale (for bourbon barrel aging)
  • John Champe Barleywine (to age in bourbon barrels until the winter)